LadiesFirst Finishes Up at the Downeast Cyclocross Race Weekend

Day 1

All were happy to have dry, sunny weather in ME this weekend as they lamented on last year’s mud fest. The new serpentine-like course seemed to favor the LadiesFirst racers as all had strong rides. With only one off-the-bike for a set of fast barriers, LadiesFirst was able to demonstrate their on-the-bike skill and power.

In the Women’s 3/4 race, Nancy finished strong in 3rd while Devon had her best race of the season finishing 22nd.

In the Women’s Elite Race, Crystal and Andrea battled with the duo, Sally Annis and Sara Bresnick-Zocchi, taking 3rd and 4th respectively despite each of them crashing during the second half of the race. Christina worked her way up from 10th to 5th after tough start while Anna came in solid behind her in 6th. Allison had her best UCI race finish yet, nailing 10th. Ann finished 11th, despite struggling with an injury.

Day 2

Another dry, sunny day, but with deceiving slick corners and off camber sections, making today’s more technical course challenging. Today’s race featured a set of uphill barriers, an off-the-bike for a set of four consecutive logs and a rock wall ride-over for the mountain bike savvy.

In the Women’s 3/4 race, Nancy just missed the podium after a crash on a slick corner lost her a few seconds. However, her series of strong Verge race finishes this season earned her the Verge series leader jersey for the Women’s 3/4′s! Devon found her legs today and had a stellar start. She battled to hold her position and finished 26th, making this her best race to date!

In the Women’s Elite race, Andrea made a strong come back from yesterday as she set out to defend her Verge series leader jersey. She did just that finishing 2nd! Crystal and Christina worked through the top women, riding today’s technical course smoothly and finishing 5th and 6th respectively. Anna made a strong recovery from a slip on an off camber section which resulted in a mechanical, finishing 8th. Allison battled it out with Rebecca Wellons, finishing just behind her in 11th. Fist bump to Ann for giving today’s race a go, despite being injured.

LadiesFirst is looking forward to defending their Women’s 3/4 and Women’s Elite Verge series leader jersey’s in Northampton!
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