Norwell Circuit Race

Race Report by Allison Snooks

It was an early Sunday morning for the race in Norwell.  Despite growing up in
Massachusetts I had no idea where this place was.  Turns out it’s near Hingham
on the way to the Cape, who knew?  Gear, kit, food and music were all ready to
go bright and early.  The weather was absolutely perfect, slight breeze, not too

warm and sunny.  The usual suspects were there at the start line, Gals from
Portland, Jackie Z (hollah), Dana, and the Cycle loft crew which keep
multiplying like a bad case of warts (no offense meant, it’s a good visual).  2
of our developmental riders were there as well….Devon and Rebecca.
It was a neutral rollout from the town offices to the 2 mile plus course.  We
had 8 laps, 9 nine times up the “hill”.  Finish was at the top of the hill,
remniscient of Sterling but not as steep and a little bit longer.  The course
was closed to traffic and was pristine.  Road was smooth and the trees kept us
shaded the entire race.  I raced with my powertap for kicks to collect some hard

data for my people to interpret.  The pace was brisk and there were a few riders

going off the front to bring up the pace.  Jackie took at least 2 turns off the
front and worked damn hard.  Usually I’ll follow to get my glory off the front
and then proceed to blow up, not such a great tactic.  Today I was content to
sit in, race smart, and win.  That was my only goal, win the race, nothing
else.  Each time up the hill I got a snapshot of the riders…took mental notes
of their climbing style, effort levels etc.  On the second to last lap I pounced

up the hill to test the waters and see if anyone would follow, nobody came.  I
got a 5 second gap on the group and sat up, smart racing remember.  Jackie
pulled alongside and gave the “let’s go”.  2 miles goes by very quickly on the
last lap.  I got near the front, behind the wheels I thought might be
challenging for the win.  Last right turn onto the hill, good gear selection, I
went left between 1 or 2 riders and went.  All I was focused on was the line, so

focused, I threw my wheel over the line just in case (see Norwell results
picture) when the closest rider was 3 seconds behind.  Better safe than sorry?
Some guy near the line was yelling “you got it”  but I didn’t know if that meant

I was alone or slightly ahead and I didn’t dare look back.  Regardless, I gave a

whoot woop a little bit after the line, I had to celebrate at some point!
Cheers to our developmental riders, Devon and Rebecca.  Devon took 7th,
outstanding.  Fist bump to J. Zider…always great to race with and against.
She is demoing my compression sox, hopefully that will not give her the edge the

next race, what was I thinking???!!!!!!
Watch out New England, Ladies First is on the prowl…3 weeks to Blunt Park
Cross race.

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