The LF Team

The Ladies First Racing Team
Anna Milton
Racing Age: 19
Residence: Northborough, MA
Profession: Awesome student
Category: 3

Bio coming soon…

Anna Milton

Meghan Owens
Racing age:  18
Residence:  Richmond, VT
Profession:  Awesome student
Category:  4

Bio coming soon…


Meghan Owens

Leslie Timm
Racing age:  30
Residence:  Somerville, MA
Profession:  Sr. Financial Analyst
Category:  3

A rainy, 50 mile Pan Mass Challenge brought me into cycling in 2011. Riding in honor of those family and friends I have lost to cancer was exhilarating. At this point, I had not even learned about clipping in, but I soon learned that and much more. I fell in love with the sport; from the 45mph downhill speeds, the painful challenges, to the friendly people and beautiful scenery it brought.

My first time racing bikes was in the summer of 2012, winning the novice EFTA mountain bike series. My friend had graciously let me borrow his hard tail to race on. It was a tad too large, but it was fast and light. The mountain bike season had been great training for the upcoming cyclocross season, which I was yet to experience. Besides watching videos and hearing stories, I had no idea what I was getting into…
Mud. Cold. Pain. Breathing. Crashes. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced and even with its challenges, every time I wear my kit and pin on a number, I learn something new or recognize where I can improve. With my athletic background in ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, it is a sport I naturally took to. A highlight was winning Noho and Canton. I will never forget those races.
This is my second season racing cyclocross and I am very excited to be a part of LadiesFirst, especially now with some experience. Time to get muddy and tear some legs off!
Oh, and my nickname is “cheese” because I can usually be found smiling.

Leslie Timm

Emily Phillips
Racing age:  33
Residence:  Medford, MA
Profession:  Nurse Practitioner
Category:  3

I started racing mountain bikes in 2006 and then got caught up in grad school which prevented me from racing much until 2010. I tried a few cyclocross races in 2010 mainly for fun. By 2011, I was determined to improve my cross skills for the season and in 2012 I started using a coach for the first time. I love the women’s fields that cross draws.
It’s amazing to line up with 120 other women at the start line. I now race Category 1 and some elite races on the Mountain Bike. I love technical riding and have dabbled in endurance MTB racing in addition to cross country. For now, I’m a Category 3 cross racer with hopes of upgrading in the future. I’d describe cross racing as a 40 minute mini-obstacle course/suffer fest in which you ride a road bike with knobby tires.
Things you might not know about me:
- I used to be the leader of the Boston LUNA Chix ambassador team and I love helping women developing their skills on a bike. I’m always up for a skills ride (in the off season!).
- I also grew up on a farm in rural Maine and am an expert at caring for dairy animals.

Emily Phillips

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