Lake Sunapee Road Race

Race Report by Ann D’Ambruoso

This past weekend Christina and I headed up to New Hampshire for the
Lake Sunapee bike race.  After registering and spinning to warm up,
we staged at the start line with a field of about 30 women. The course
profile showed lots of hills in the 23 mile lap, which the P/1/2/3
field would round twice. A neutral roll out gave a deceivingly
pleasant start to what proved to be an extremely aggressive race. The
NEBC women made up a quarter of the field, so they had a distinct
tactical advantage that they put to good use. The rest of the field was
made up of diverse riders from many different teams and it was hard to
know what to expect to happen. Christina and I took turns marking the
accelerations made by NEBC and as a result much of the first lap was
spent charging up and down the hills around the course. It was testing
the limit of my fitness for only my 2nd race of the season and staying
with the front group was a challenge. The pace did not relent much
until the 2nd lap and by then the front group contained less than half
the field and I had lost track of Christina. We continued to race
around the course until only 1 mile remained. We came about a large
traffic jam and all of the men’s fields that were racing in front of
us were standing on the shoulder waiting. We were informed that there
was a crash in the men’s 4 race in the traffic circle approaching the
finishing hill so the remaining races were neutralized while the
ambulances were attending the injured. Eventually, after 35 minutes of
waiting the women’s field rolled back to the end of the race without
any finish line sprints. We had a beautiful day on the road and got
good racing experience, but its definitely not as fun without the
final test at the finish line. Definitely looking forward to the races
next weekend at Killington.

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