Sterling Road Race

The team got our new GU order just in time to fuel our appearance at the ‘home’ race organized by our parent group the Minuteman Road Club. The Sterling race proceeded under mostly sunny skies Saturday May 7th.

Here’s the report from Anna Milton:

The morning of the Sterling Road Race proved perhaps the most organized race
morning I can recall. Victoria and I rolled in for the neutral start for the womenʼs Cat. 4
race right on time, my shiny new wheels eager to race. We had strategized the race
beforehand, fellow team time trial members Renee Marino and Kelly Mendoza were
racing as well and the plan between the four of us was to form a pace-line and work
together to instigate an attack or a chase group. As the end of the neutral start
approached, pumping my legs over the crest of the hill, I felt the adrenaline piercing
through my veins and could sense the primitive “race” atmosphere settling over my

A few energized attackers attempted to jump off the front at the top of the
infamous climb, but were soon swallowed up by the rest of the pack. The first of the
three eight mile laps seemed boring, no one was ready to make a break off the front. As
the beginning of the second lap approached, a few strong riders including Emma White
and Emily Curly sprinted up the hill and took the lead; chaos set in and the rest of the
field dispersed. Victoria and I stayed together for the second lap, but Renee and Kelly
were no where to be seen. Clearly our race strategy had not managed to hold through
but in an attempt to spare our legs, Victoria and I formed a pace-line with a few other
riders. Our pace-line proved successful for the majority of the second lap but towards
the end, we failed to stay together as two riders broke away and two dropped off; I was
left stranded in the middle, in “no-manʼs land”. I continued to ride by myself, facing the
headwinds until the end of the third lap. Just in time, the group of riders from behind
caught me, and I was pleased to find Kelly, Renee and Victoria within the group.
Together, we were able to master the first of the climbs on the backside of the course in
a pace-line fashion as we each took short thirty second pulls, eventually swallowing up
the riders ahead. My stomach began to contract as the final sprint closed in up the short
and intense climb. My legs anticipated the hill, this was it. Blood pulsed steadily through
my veins and soon the moment approached. I knew my legs would prove faithful all the
way up the hill; I felt they were strong enough. At the base of the climb, I simply let my
legs take control, beating them down as hard and fast as I could to pull me to the front
of the pack. My vision zoned in on the pasty white line that spoke words of triumph and
accomplishment, but most importantly “FINISH”! That was all I could see; everything
else remained a blur.
As soon as I saw that line roll under my wheels, at last defeated, an immense
feeling of relief and tranquility settled. I was finished. Kelly, Renee and Victoria crossed
the line within seconds. We were all exhausted and relieved to be done.
Reflecting on the race, I realized what solid teamwork we had displayed and the
indelibility of it all. What an opportunity i was given to race with such passionate and
loyal teammates. Congratulations to Victoria, Kelly and Renee for putting on such an
admirable race! You guys are the best! Also a special thank you to Victoriaʼs family for
proving such honorable hosts and race supporters, and to Ann for all of your assistance
in race preparation! Really, I couldnʼt do it without all of your help!

Anna finished 24th in a field of 37 women, nice work!

Pro 1/2 Race Results:

6th Crystal Anthony

12th Christina Tamilio

13th Andrea Smith

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