Sucker Brook ‘Cross 3/4 highlights

Contributed by Rebecca Wolski:

Following in the great example set by the elite women, three Ladies First development riders arrived early on Sunday morning to pre-ride the course with plenty of time to warm-up.  Unfortunately, what we thought was plenty to time was cut short when the ¾ field began to line up practically thirty minutes before the start time.  Devon, Anna, and I made our way over and secured positions in the second row. 

Anna Milton focused on the start

Anna Milton focused on the start

Rebecca and Devon smile at the camera

Rebecca and Devon smile at the camera

Anna Milton went off with a bang and the three of us struggled to stay mid-pack.  For cyclocross novices, Suckerbrook offered several challenging obstacles.  For me, it was the sand pit.   On my second lap I fumbled my dismount and actually got a taste of the sand.  Devon, however,  ran through the sand with excellent form, shouldering her bike well and passing riders along the way.  In the end we finished the demanding course within a few places of one another.  We are excited to take what we learned at Suckebrook and put it to work at Gloucester next weekend. 

Rebecca Wolski dismounts in the sand pit

Rebecca Wolski dismounts in the sand pitDevon Fitzgerald runs through the sand pitAnna Milton charges across grass

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