“Three years in the making” – LadiesFirst comes out on top at Day 2 of the Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend

3/4 Race (race report by Nancy Labbe-Giguerre)

Due to my performance and the creation of a 3-4 women series, I could have a front row start for day 2. I felt a bit nervous and missed my clip and fell quickly mid-pack. I found some space on the outside and could move quickly until the summit of the hill and the leader group was in my vision. I noticed that some women were starting to open gaps and managed quickly to pass them and closed the gap thereafter. With one lap to go, I could join the front 3 riders and felt for the first time that I have a chance to win the race. I decided to pass them on the steep hill section and managed to arrive first at the base of the run-up, however my remount and dismount was not executed very smoothly and was back fourth wheel with a gap to close. I tried to move to be in the first 2 wheels but the door was closed during the descent and my opponents managed to do better in technical section than me. Finally, with all these small mistake, I had a bad position for the sprint and finished 4th and just missed the podium. Thanks for the cheers!

Anna Milton raced a strong day number two as well, finishing 24th!

Elite Race (race report by Christina Tamilio)

LadiesFirst dominated the Women’s Elite race on Sunday at Day 2 of the Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend.  The course included a few more technical sections than Saturday’s “power course”, with a ridable run-up (as long as your legs were up for it!), some tricky corners and a slalom-like downhill.  Andrea positioned herself in the front early on and kept her place right through to the finish, earning herself the Verge leader’s jersey for the first time! Ann and Christina teamed up to work together, picking up Crystal along the way. The threesome found themselves sprinting one another for 2nd, 3rd and 4th places at the finish line! Ann took the number 2 spot, while Christina took the 3rd, both finishing with their best result in a UCI race. Crystal took the number 4 spot on the podium. That’s a lot of black and yellow for one podium! Not far behind, Anna finished 9th while Allison finished. 12th. Andrea’s quote in Cycling News summed the weekend up nicely:

“Today was three years in the making,” said Smith, referring to the team’s beginnings as several women related to Landry’s Bicycles, members of Minuteman Road Club and coached by Larry Felton.

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