Green Mountain Cyclocross Day 1

Development Team

LadiesFirst kicked off the VERGE series racing today at Catamount Family park in Williston, VT. Lining up under clear sunny skies in new Champion system kits, our Cat3/4 women lead off the day with a strong showing. Anna Milton, Nancy Labbe-Giguere, and Rebecca Wolski found their way around the course early in the morning. The preride revealed lots of climbing, fast grass straightaways, and a few bmx style whoop-de-doos. Unfortunately, Rebecca learned the woes of mechanical trouble in only her second cross race. Her rear derailleur wound up in her rear wheel and the team rushed over to the local bike shop to pick up a replacement. Quick work from neutral support Mark got the derailleur installed just in time for the race. 33 women lined up at the start and they were off!

Nancy got a good position in the top 10 early on and steadily moved up in the field. Meanwhile Anna and Rebecca powered on in the middle of the field. Rebecca flatted at the top of the course and ran in it to end on her 2nd lap. Nancy steady work on the grassy course lead to a 3rd place finish and Anna kept the pressure on the women in front of her and finished 23rd.

Elite Race

Later in the day, with warming temperatures and a strong breeze, the Elite women’s field began staging. Six LadiesFirst lined up with our shiny Zipps and freshly glued Challenge tires; the equipment was ready so the only question was whether our legs were ready too. At the whistle everyone sprinted up the grass, with passing traffic lasting far up the hill, the course didn’t narrow down much until the stairs dismount on the top of the hill. Crystal and Andrea established themselves in the lead group, with several small groups filling in the course behind them. Andrea clipped a pedal, losing contact with the front group. In the same lap Ann and Anna were riding together near 10th, Christina and Allison filled in the teens.

Crystal was in a heated battle for 2nd and 3rd, which lasted all the way until the line as she held her lead to take the 2nd place! Andrea left the chase group in the dust on the last lap to pull into 4th. Ann trailed in shortly after in 5th. Christina narrowly missed the rider in front, finishing in 13th. Anna and Allison wrapped it up for the team with 15th and 18th respectively.  We all left the race hungry for dinner and more great results on Day two.

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