Killington Stage Race: Stage 1, Mountain Times Circuit Race

Race Report by Christina Tamilio

Snooks and I lined up with the 3/4 field, while Anna and Ann set out to conquer the 1/2’s. Anna and Ann were joined by LF guest rider, Becca Blatt. Today’s circuit race included QOM and intermediate sprints for their respective jerseys. Allison dusted the 3/4 ladies to take home the polka-dot jersey!

With two more stages ahead of us, both fields remained fairly tame throughout the race. Attacks were minimal and both fields finished with field sprints. In the 3/4 field, I spun like the spin cycle on my washing machine to knick third (my 50 – 12 wasn’t nearly enough for the downhill finish!) Anna won the 1/2 sprint, beating Rebecca Wellons by “1/3 of a tire width,” as Alan Atwood announced. All in all, a great start to the Killington Stage Race for LadiesFirst Racing

Podium for the Womens' 3/4 Podium for Stage 1

Christina Tamilio on the Womens' 3/4 Podium after Stage 1

Anna Barensfeld in the Leaders Jersey After Stage 1

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