Quabbin Reservoir Classic

Another strong race for LadiesFirst in Women’s Open!

Snooks toed the line for her first race of 2010, pulling out a strong 28th finish, only 10:38 back on the day. I finished 8th credited with the same time as the leader. A long, hard day’s work in the saddle with chilly/rainy weather to start, tons of climbing, and big competition from all over the East Coast!

62 miles of attacks and tactical guessing games for me. I’m still struggling picking up the strategy end on the road. ‘Cross is so much easier in that regard; just floor it from the gun! It all came down to the final climb to the finish and I thought I had it made, sitting in second place with 150m to go, but the legs just completely shut down as I tried to close the gap to first at the line. Gotta save something for that final push.

Allison’s take on the day:

First road race of the year and 5th in my life.  Road racing is a bit different than a traditional cross weekend.  Warm up, what warm up?  Riders were parading around in a circle getting their legs ready for the rollout.  Certainly no Zone 5 going on there.  I got some style points for removing my flat pack from my bike, which made my bike look even more GI-NORMOUS than it is already since you could see my entire seatpost length.  It’s as tall as the Empire State building in my estimation.  I jammed my jersey full of synthetic supplements ready to roll.  Being a road newbie, I didn’t have a clue of who’s who except for the usual, Mo B, Anna, Melissa R and a few others.  We had a wet neutral start that included most likely 6 minutes of descending….woo hoo!  It would have been great to rip that descent in dry weather. My goal was to hang in the lead group as long as possible since it was an open category race.  I was able to match 3 major attacks and a few small ones.  On the fourth, which was almost halfway in mileage, I popped, and saw the field pull away.  Staying positive was key and I switched mental gears to use the rest of the ride as a hard training ride.  I picked up a rider from NY named Lisa and we took turns.  We scooped up 2 more ladies along the way and passed a number of Cat 5 wounded soldiers.   I pulled the gals a bit towards the end and rolled past the finish line as the first woman to finish not in the main field.  The pain was good, lost of climbing and recovering.  I was loving it yesterday.  Bring on the rain and the hills, it was a good day of racing.  Thanks to my teammates and friends for providing some great long training rides that prepped me for Sunday.  I’ll give myself a pat for getting a solid training block in.  It’s amazing what consistency can do!  Bring it Sterling.

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